Jobs Of The Future For Student

Hi Dear Students, so you have read the previous title for jobs of the future for students – the first version. This time, we have chosen to include more jobs in the human body and psychology. But yes, the job descriptions mentioned below can give a pleasant surprise. As always, gain information about the new technology of the future and make plans to become an expert in the field.

The fields of medicine as well biotechnology are constantly on the path of revival and upsurge. With then, the employment opportunities are also on the increase. In this article, we are going to throw light on biomedical professions and others that can grow popular in the oncoming decades.

1. Personal Microbiome Steward

microbiome stewardAll these days, you took your body and the microorganisms inside the intestines for granted. But not anymore. With rising pollution levels and the deficiency in foods, medical science has turned its light on micro-organism communities. And it is well-known that microorganisms give many benefits to the body such as energy levels and mental health.

The atmosphere is on the path of degradation, and it is your skin that will bear the brunt. Very soon, after two decades, you may have a job which gives information on the methods to take care of your interior microorganisms and the health of the skin. You may have to study microbiology and biotechnology.

2. Editing of Genes – Advisor

This was long known, but it has become a reality now. Your basic characters and some hereditary diseases are based on the genes. A report from China states that they have found the method to edit human embryos. Any idea of the historic event? Your father, even though, a health enthusiast, may suffer from diabetes because of his genes (heredity). Now with this report, there will only be healthy babies, and any kind of hereditary diseases and dangerous disorders can be removed. In other words, the future babies are designer babies.

editing of genes advisor

So, your job may include advising the parents on their children. The gene they have to edit or modify so as to give birth to a healthy offspring. You may have to study bio-genetics or genetical engineering.

3. Synthetic Protein Designer

synthetic protein designerYears ago, your ancestors did not know farming, so they hunted for food in the form of meat from animals. Now, even with a civilized population, there are/will be meat eaters. In fact, the demand for meat is more than the production. The main reason, shortage of resources for livestock. But, humankind has always remodified itself according to Mother Nature. This time, there are start-ups such as Modern Meadow /Beyond Meat which has taken up the challenge via in vitro and alternative substitution to meat. If the innovations become a success, then the demand for proteins and meat sources will be met, but it will lead to the rise of a new industry. You may have to study a new branch such as animal farming, biotechnology and microbiology.

4. De-extinction Zoologist

Deextinction zoologistThe greed of humans has surpassed even the advancements in technology. No, we are not talking about the animals who have gone extinct as the dinosaurs or mammoths due to change in climate. The focus is on animals who have become extinct because their skin or body organs can be sold in millions. In the future, you may be part of a team that can help restore the environment for the species on the verge of extinction. This job will be a challenge as you will have to negotiate with minimum resources. For example, in the entire globe, if you have only four Samba deer, you need to recreate an environment where the population has to grow in numbers. Interested? Read the job title once again. You may have to study animal psychology, veterinary science and zoology.

5. Med-chanic

med chanicYou have seen the film,”Cyborg.” You install a biomechanical chip in the body. Now, you can control your home’s electronic appliances from a certain distance. But imagine the other side. The chip can malfunction, and you may have to go to a mechanic to set it right.

You may find the mechanics at the corner of the street or you may invite him/her to your home for an upgrade or maintenance. You may have to study mechanical and robotics engineering. This job may not have the challenges of traditional healthcare.

6. Personal Pharma Artisan

pharma artisanWith the huge influx of medical services, it is no wonder, every family or a community will have a personal pharma artisan. In the future, every community may have a separate hospital where drugs only suitable for them may be manufactured. And the community centre will have records of every person – personal health history, environment, daily routine and habits etc. Imagine yourself in a similar environment and visualize the number of required jobs. You may have to study medical science, pharmacy and logistics.

7. Augmented Reality Architects

Augmented realityThe process is already underway and in the future, it may become more appealing. Before building a new infrastructure, now construction engineers are using the 3D concept. Imagine yourself in 2030, the world of 3D and its features. And it is not only in the area of civil engineering, but an entire range of sciences. How about a surgical operation? The doctor explains to the patient and his/her relatives by a 3D graphics presentation and touch button option. Subjects of study – graphic design and creative engineering.

8. Alternative Currency Bankers

online paymentEven at present, there are many who do not operate with hard currencies. It is all digital. And the next stop is the non-usability of banks. So, imagine yourself sitting at home in a digital environment when you have to speak to a person in another part of the world for a transaction. Subjects for study – finance, digital engineering etc.


Have you gone through the article? Please note that the next set of jobs for the future will be available by Thursday the following week. And we ensure that it will cover jobs of the future from various categories. But all said and done, where do you think the house appliances will go? Definitely, they will also undergo a tremendous change. Already, there are many appliances such as a fridge that can be operated by apps.

Let us imagine, the time is 2028 and you are a professional in a field earning handsome money. Now, you have brought a washing machine that is technically advanced. Just by a sensor, it can distinguish the kind of stains, and after you load the clothes and the process is completed, you get the alerts by mobile. Suppose the machine gets repaired. And to attract customers, the companies will have contract trained professionals in every area of the city. Let us take a case study. You are in Pune, and it is in this city that the appliance has gone on the path for repair. Now you need not look for the best washing machine service center in Pune. The customer is the king as always, and an alert may be sent to the brand’s office. They may call to fix the repair as per your convenience. On the scheduled day, they will come and restore the appliance back to normal.



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