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Electromagnetic Waves

Basic idea of displacement current, Electromagnetic waves, their characteristics, their
Transverse nature (qualitative ideas only).
Electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-rays,
gamma rays) including elementary facts about their uses.

12th physics. NCERT notes

Electromagnetic Spectrum

After the demonstration of electromagnetic waves by Hertz, electromagnetic waves in different regions of wavelength were produced by different ways of excitation. The orderly distribution...
12th physics. NCERT notes

Hertz experiment

The principle of Hertz experiment: The existence of electromagnetic waves was confirmed experimentally by Hertz in 1888. This experiment is based on the fact that...
12th physics. NCERT notes

Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves with the wavelength of the order of a few meters were first produced and detected in the laboratory by Hertz in 1887....