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Communication Systems

Elements of a communication system (block diagram only); bandwidth of signals (speech, TV and digital data); bandwidth of transmission medium. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, sky and space wave propagation, satellite communication. Need for modulation, amplitude modulation.

12th physics. NCERT notes

Amplitude Modulation

Amplitude Modulation In amplitude modulation, the amplitude of the carrier is varied in accordance with the information signal. AM can be represented by expression Let c(t) =...
12th physics. NCERT notes

Modulation and its Necessity

Modulation is the process of variation of some characteristics of a carrier wave in accordance with the instantaneous value of a modulating signal. Types of...
12th physics. NCERT notes

Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves

Propagation of electromagnetic waves Ground (surface) wave propagation: Ground or surface waves are the radio waves which travel along the surface of the earth as shown...
12th physics. NCERT notes

Bandwidth of Signals

The bandwidth of a signal is defined as the difference between the upper and lower frequencies of signal. In a communication system, the message...
12th physics. NCERT notes

Elements of Communication System

Each and every communication system has 3 essential elements and they are Transmitter Communication Channel ...