Sources of Energy

Energy comes in different forms and energy can only be converted from one form to another. For example,

  • if we drop a plate from a height, the potential energy of the plate is converted mostly to sound energy when it hits the ground.
  • If we light a candle, the process is highly exothermic so that the chemical energy of the wax is converted into heat energy and light energy on burning.

A Good Source of Energy would be one which

  • has high calorific value
  • be easily accessible.
  • be easy to store and transport
  • be economical.
  • Intermediate Ignition temperature
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Less combustible.

Among the sources of energy, some of them get exhausted (Non-Renewable) While some of them do not get exhausted, therefore called as Renewable source of energy.


  • Non-Renewable source of energy:– Coal, Petroleum,
  • Renewable source of energy:– Natural Gas- Air, Water, Solar radiation, Geothermal Energy, ocean waves etc.


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