Elastic Behavior of solids
  1. A force which produces a change in the configuration of the object on applying it is called a deforming force.
  2. Elasticity is that property of the object by virtue of which it regains its original configuration after the removal of the deforming force.
  3. Elastic limit is the upper limit of deforming force up to which, if deforming force is removed, the body regains its original form completely and beyond which if deforming force is increased the body loses its property of elasticity and get permanently deformed.
  4. Those bodies which regain its original configuration immediately and completely after the removal of deforming force are called perfectly elastic bodies. e.g., quartz and phosphor bronze etc.
  5. Those bodies which do not regain its original configuration at all on the removal of deforming force are called perfectly plastic bodies, e.g., putty, paraffin, wax etc


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