Forests and Wildlife

Forests are ‘Biodiversity hotspots‘. Hotspot means an area full of biological diversity. The biodiversity of an area can be measured by determining the number of species found there. The main aim of conservation is to try and preserve the biodiversity.

Conservation of biodiversity is important to maintain ecological stability.

National Award for wildlife conservation

In the memory of Amrita Devi Bishnoi who lost her life in the protection of Khejri trees in Rajasthan along with 363 other people.

Chipko Andolan

Movement originated in Garhwal in early 1970s that was the result of a grassroot level effort to end the alienation of people from their forest. Protection of Sal forest in West Bengal in 1972.

Stakeholders of forests: (their dependence on forests)

A person having interest or concern for something is called as stake holder.

  • Local People (dependent on forests for their survival)
  • Forest Department (Govt. who owns the land and controls resources)
  • Industrialists (Who use various forest products)
  • Wildlife enthusiasts (who want to conserve nature)



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