chemistry 12th class cbse notes

Importance and Application of Coordination Compounds:

  • EDTA is used in the estimation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ in hardwater.  The Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions form stable complexes with EDTA.
  • Metals can be purified by the formation and subsequent decomposition of their coordination compounds. For example, impure nickel is converted to [Ni(CO)4], which is decomposed to yield pure nickel.
  • In analytical chemistry [Ni(DMG)2]2+ complex is used in the detection of Ni in chocolates.
  • In medicine, cisplatin, a cis isomer of [Pt(Cl)2(NH3)2] is used in the treatment of cancer.
  • Solutions of the complexes like [Ag(CN)2] and [Au(CN)2]  can be used for the smooth and even electroplating of metals by gold or silver.
  • Chlorophyll, a pigment responsible for photosynthesis, is a coordination compound of magnesium. Also, haemoglobin, the red pigment of blood which acts as oxygen carrier is a coordination compound of iron.


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