How to Master Class 12th Physics like A Topper

The majority of the students find physics a challenging subject, while some find it the most fascinating one. It is due to the conceptual understanding of various physics concepts. Those who try to mug up derivations and theories find it much harder than those who try to understand concepts. However, even if you don’t have a great conceptual base, it is still possible to ace them given you start taking interest in physics.

Even in the last few years, institutions like CBSE have started framing more practical-based physics papers than direct theory-based. If you follow the right strategy, physics can become your most scoring subject. All you need is the right attitude to master Physics. Here are the important tips which will help you in mastering your class 12th physics.

CBSE Class 12th Preparation Tips for Physics

  • Consider your NCERT as a bible: Yes, the first and foremost thing you should do is to read your NCERT book religiously before moving to advanced physics books. You need to strictly follow the NCERT book to complete your syllabus. Don’t try to read irrelevant guides as they might confuse you and end up making your concepts weak.
  • Don’t Skip Numericals: Most of the students commit the mistake of ignoring the numerical questions and focus only on derivations and theories. It is the leading mistake that makes your concepts weak. The more you skip numericals, the more you will start fearing them. You should positively practice the numerical questions given behind each chapter of NCERT like Ray Optics, Magnetism, and Electronics. Usually, 20-25% of Class 12th Board Physics paper consists of numerical questions.
  • Learn Important Formulas: You should learn all the formulas with the heart as many times direct formula-based questions are asked in the CBSE paper. Moreover, these formulas will give you the confidence to solve numericals. You should have all the important formulas at your fingertips. You can also create separate short notes to jot down all the important formulas.
  • Practice more and more Derivatives: Major part of the CBSE physics paper consists of direct derivation-based questions. You should revise and practice derivations at least 4-5 before the examination. Derivations are hard to remember and there is a high chance of you forgetting a few steps of derivations. So, it is advisable to time revise and practice derivations.
  • Revise the theory regularly: Around 70 percent of CBSE Physics papers are theory-based. Clearly, the road to scoring good marks goes through acing the theoretical part of Physics. You should have all the physics laws like column law, Ohm’s Law, etc on tips. Also, focus on the theory of important topics like Electromagnetic Devices including their properties and working principles. However, instead of mugging up the theory straight, you should understand the concept behind it zealously.
  • Study according to the weightage of Chapters: Though you have to complete the whole syllabus of NCERT Physics, try to focus more on the chapters that have maximum weightage. The chapters like Optics, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction, etc hold the maximum weightage. You can also refer to the previous year’s question papers to find the weightage of different chapters.
  • Focus on Conceptual Questions: The conceptual questions are the most tricky ones in the Class 12th Physics exam. You can also refer to various guides available in the market to practice the conceptual questions. Mostly, the 1 marks questions are conceptually based and include basic physics concepts.
  • Follow Your Study Routine Seriously: The biggest mistake you can commit during preparation days is not following your study routine. You should design your study routine in a way that you cover your syllabus at least 2-3 months before the board exams. The earlier you will cover the syllabus, the better the revision and practice you can do.

Physics is really a fascinating subject if you take interest in it. All you need is to develop a practical-based learning approach and Physics will become your most scoring subject.


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