Is it possible to become an IAS officer in one year

IAS officer is one of the most challenging career options in our country. The respect and perks this job offers are beyond what one can ask for. To become an IAS officer, one has to clear the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Civil Services Examination is conducted in three stages namely Preliminary, Mains and Interview. For a better understanding of scope, eligibility and exam pattern of UPSC Civil Services, you can follow the introductory lectures of Best IAS Academy in Bangalore.

Now after making the head-up about following the above-said career path, where shall one proceed? The process of becoming an IAS officer is not an easy one. It demands a lot from an individual. From patience to stress handling, form time management to smart work, from concentration to retention. One shall work on all the aspects of their personality in order to become an IAS officer. It typically takes around 1 year to complete the entire syllabus of UPSC CSE. For a detailed syllabus, one can consult the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore.

Coming back to whether one can become IAS officer in one year. The answer is yes. Given that the aspirants are ready to dedicate one complete year towards their goal without any excuse. One year of religious 8 hours study every day is the minimum work that an aspirant should be willing to do. The team from the Best IAS Coaching centre in Bangalore have worked out a study plan for students in order to help them in their initial years of preparation. The following steps that will make the dream of becoming IAS aspirants in one year possible are as follows: –

Stop reacting, Start observing:

A demanding profession like bureaucracy needs a mind that is visionary and knows how to handle difficult situations. In that order, one should bring slight changes in their daily habits. Trying to look at this from as many perspectives as possible and then coming to conclusion is a healthy one, to begin with. The grooming sessions before the Interview in the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore includes personality development.

Deep understanding:

Though the exam centric study will require only a generalized understanding of the subjects. But an attempt to trace the core of topics will help the aspirants in building concrete foundations. One needs to learn how to interconnect the various subjects with each other as well as with the surrounding. It will broaden the knowledge lens of students. The pedagogy in the Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore is designed in the same way.

Stick to the UPSC syllabus:

The ocean of UPSC Civil Services Examination is so vast that students get lost. They are found struggling with what to study and what to not. In such a case, the official UPSC syllabus shall act as a guiding light. Follow one standard source and read it again and again instead of following multiple sources. The tutors in Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka have simplified the UPSC syllabus for the students.

Keep yourself away from distractions:

While in the preparation days students can find themselves standing on the edge of everything. They will feel they are missing out on the fun and pleasures of life. But one needs to look at the bigger picture. Small sacrifices today will take you closer to becoming IAS Officer.

MCQ solving and answer writing:

Studying books is incomplete without learning to use the knowledge. Aspirants should make sure that they do daily answer writing practice as well as solve at least 5 MCQs every day. There are various test series provided by the Civil Service Coaching Centres in Bangalore so that the aspirants can make the best out of their time and energy.

Newspaper reading:

The current affairs are relatively as important as the conventional subjects in UPSC. Daily newspaper reading can ensure constant touch with current affairs. It will cut short on the task of covering the monthly current affairs at the end time. Aspirants will only need to revise. One among the most preferred IAS Coaching Centres in Bangalore provides daily as well as monthly coverage of current affairs.

Sponsor’s Note: A beginner with no guidance can also choose to take coaching classes for that sake. Investment in education always pays off. The strong commitment towards achieving the goal is all that a candidate should keep up with. Rest the best team in the UPSC Coaching Classes in Bangalore is there for helping the aspirants. In the end, everything is possible if we are ready to work for it.



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