It is a simple unfortunate fact that a lot of people do not have any awareness of plagiarism. What is plagiarism and why is it considered such an unprofessional act? To start with, you need to get a clear feel of what plagiarism is. When the content of any form is published on the internet, it belongs to the person who created it from the start as he put in all the needed hard work and effort. Thus, the written content would belong to him. As the content would be available on the internet, people would be accessing and using it. Now,, here are some points that writers should know about. Now it’s necessary for students to use plagiarism remover before submitting their content to their respective teachers.

The Importance of Quality Content in Academic Writing

Using content and copying it are two very different things and every writer should be well aware of this difference. Copying content is not counted as a legitimate act because you are using something that belongs to someone else without giving the due credit properly.

Plagiarism in academic assignments

Submitting plagiarized content is academic assignments is a common mistake that most students commit. Some of them make this error in an intentional manner to complete the assignments quickly without putting in a lot of effort. Various students also make this error unintentionally when they do not have a lot of knowledge about plagiarism issues and ways to avoid it. Whether you submit plagiarized content in an intentional or unintentional manner, the same penalties would be charged. Academic institutions have a severe approach to dealing with plagiarism problems. In a lot of cases, students are awarded an F (failure) grade which obviously impacts their academic future. Few important tips which can be used to deal with plagiarism problems are mentioned below.

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  • Rephrasing is one of the main aspects which you need to look at when you are downloading information from an online source. For instance, consider that you access a website and see that the information is what you need to complete your assignment. Most students simply copy the content and paste it in the assignment document. This is where the problem actually begins. You cannot use the content as is without rephrasing because you have not created it from the start. Even if you want to use the information, rephrase it properly.
  • Providing citations is another angle which you should never ignore. In the case of academic assignments, you need to provide complete information about the source that has been used to compile content. Providing citations obviously is a confirmation that low standard sources have not been used to write the paper. Academic assignments have to be written after accessing the best online sources including journals and portals. The best thing is to use professional digital libraries so that top-notch sources can be used. Lastly, you need to provide citations for the sources that have been used. This basically serves two purposes. One is that confirmation is attained about the standard of sources. Using citations, proper credit to the actual author is given. In an academic assignment, providing proper citation is an absolute necessity that students should be careful about.

The use of a plagiarism checker tool and its importance

A high percentage of college and university students do not have any idea about the importance and use of plagiarism checking application. These applications actually help a lot by reading through what you have written. Why are these applications better than simply proofreading the content once you have written it? A software application obviously does not have the angle to make mistakes like humans. Even the smartest editing experts can skip errors and in case of academic assignments, the room for error does not exist.

  • A plagiarism checker tool does not ignore any plagiarism issue present in the content as it is a technological application. Thus, you can be sure that no mistakes would be made or nothing would be skipped when the content is being scanned. Hence, as for academic assignments, you cannot even submit a single line of copied content, using one of these applications is important. These applications provide you with the confidence that your paper does not have any mistakes and it can be submitted without any doubt. Even if you read the written content manually several times, the risk of submitting copied content would always be there. On the other hand, if you are using a checking application to identify plagiarism, no risk would exist.
  • If you look at most academic assignments, they are quite detailed comprising of multiple sections. Once you have written all the chapters, you would have to go through all of them to make sure that you are not submitting anything that has been copied. Do not be hasty in this relation as even a single line can get you disqualified and your final college grade would get affected. Thus, using a plagiarism checking application is an assurance that not even one line of your paper has been copied.
  • Most students are not skilled enough to check through each and every line and determine whether they are submitting an original paper or not. Even if you read through each line, it is impossible to compare each line with the sources from which the content has been extracted. Compared to all this effort, using a plagiarism checking application is much simpler and a lot more productive. To start with, students do not have to read anything. This is a big relief for students who have to proofread each line they have written with the actual sources that have been used. There is no point in investing so much effort when you can scan the written content in a much faster manner.

Plagiarism checking applications help you in saving a lot of time

Checking academic assignments is not an easy job by any means. If your assignment is lengthy and has multiple sections, the task becomes even tougher. For instance, if you have written an assignment of 4000 words in four days, it would take you a long time to proofread it for plagiarism. It would take a long time because when you are checking written content for plagiarism, you need to check each and every line and a hasty approach cannot be adopted.

  • Using a proper plagiarism checking application simply means that several thousand words would be checked within a few minutes. Other than that, you would not have to put in any effort for proofreading. Simply copy the written content and paste it in the provided text box. Once the application has completed the scanning process, the plagiarized sections would be shown to you. After that, you would be required to rephrase these sections and use the application again. The process would have to be repeated until you see that no sections are highlighted and your assignment is 100% plagiarism free.

Take your paraphrasing skills to a higher level

There are other benefits of a plagiarism checker apart from checking the written content. When the application highlights copied content, you would have to rephrase it and then run the application again. This practice would obviously improve your rephrasing/paraphrasing skills. Thus, when you rephrase the content several times till it is up to the mark, your rephrasing skills would obviously improve.

  • Using a plagiarism checker tool would submit with your assignments as you would be able to rephrase content in a better manner.


Education is becoming immensely competitive with the passage of each day and this is where using a plagiarism checking application becomes extremely important. Students are awarded grades on the basis of several constituents and one of them is a day to day assignments. Whether you are working on a daily assignment or working on your final dissertation paper, content originality is essential.

Using plagiarism checking application eliminates the risk of being rusticated from your college/university. This is exactly what happens when you submit a copied assignment. Manual proofreading may seem simple but actually, it does not work well. Even if you read the content of your assignment multiple times, there is always a chance that some part of the written content may be skipped. In addition to that, that part of the content may be plagiarized.

No need to run for deadlines alongside a lengthy editing process because that is not needed. When you are using a plagiarism checker, the application does all the content checking.



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