chemistry 12th class cbse notes

Preparation of Chlorine:

Chlorine can be prepared by any of the following processes:

Preparation of Chlorine

Properties of Chlorine:

  • It is a greenish yellow gas with pungent and suffocating odour.
  • It is soluble in H2O

Reaction with metals and non-metals:

Chlorine reacts with a number of metals and non-metals to form chlorides. For example:

Reaction with metals and non-metals

Reaction with ammonia:

When treated with excess ammonia, chlorine gives nitrogen and ammonium chloride whereas when excess chlorine reacts with ammonia, nitrogen trichloride is formed.

Reaction with ammonia

Reaction with NaOH:

Chlorine reacts differently with cold dilute NaOH and hot concentrated NaOH.

Reaction with NaOH

Reaction with slaked lime:

Cl2 when treated with dry slaked lime it gives bleaching powder:

Reaction with slaked lime

Cl2 acts as a powerful bleaching agent and its bleaching action are due to its oxidizing nature.

Reaction with water

Uses of Chlorine:

  • Chlorine is used for bleaching wood pulp.
  • It is used in the extraction of gold and platinum.
  • It is used in in sterilising drinking water.
  • It is used in the manufacture of dyes, drugs and organic compounds like CCl4, DDT, refrigerants etc.


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