Summer vacations come as an opportunity to have lazy days, have no classes, and thinking about nothing else but enjoying time in the beach. These are the times when you are stress-free, with no rush to do assignments or bother about waking up early. Whereas sand bathing and swimming seem like fun ways to spend summer vacations, there are other more amusing ways to spend these times and yet it will be beneficial. What if I told you that you could still be productive and have fun on your vacation? What if there was a way your education or career could be developing even through vacationing? What if your summer vacation could be lucrative by adding a couple of dollars to your pocket and still be fun? Well, I am here to let you in on some of the activities that you could engage yourself in while on your summer vacation whether it is just a day-long project or something that will last the entire summer.

1. School and Career Development

Extra Classes

hobbies developmentDuring the summer, it is the most appropriate time to take up on extra classes to either polish up on a subject that you probably had difficulty in grasping or didn’t quite understand. It can also be a time to learn new skills such as new languages. You can even decide to enrol in some classes such as basic computer skills or web design. Learning an extra skill will put you ahead of your peers as well as ease you of some of your school. These new experiences will be instrumental in helping you catch up or even be ahead once school re-opens.

Admission and Entry Essays

If you are about to join college soon, studying for entry-level and admission tests would be a good idea as you get to interact with different people who could play an important role in helping you get ready for your next phase in life. In fact, you can rely on online writing services to confirm the accuracy of your information.

Finding Direction and Focus in Life

While in school, you may have pressure to find focus concerning your life or the direction that you would wish to take. It is not really easy to have a well-planned life with assignments due and early morning classes. With a summer vacation lingering, you now have the time to research, consult with others, as well as do some voluntary work in areas of interest to help you get a clearer image of what direction you would like to take.

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Improve on Writing Skills

Writing is an incredibly important and crucial skill in school. Would you be able to communicate effectively without proper writing skills? I’m sure your answer is no. So why not take this spare time during your summer vacation to improve your writing? This will lead to a great improvement in school, as well as writing your resume. Knowing how to communicate effectively in writing is advantageous because most of the time, the skill will not be what you write but how you write that will make you stand out.

2. Hobbies

hobbiesA summer vacation also presents you with the opportunities to take part in your hobbies as well as develop some more. This could be the time that you probably want to challenge yourself by undertaking mountain climbing or learn a difficult technique.


You probably have a lot of fun activities in your to-do-list that you have been keeping away for a rainy day. Well, a summer vacation is that rainy day or season depending on the length of your list. Use this time to check off your list and explore fun activities.


Your semester was probably stressing you out living no time to relax. Take this time to distress and pamper yourself, get enough rest, and meditate. You can even do yoga to help you focus on breathing, exercise, and eating right. This will create positive energy around you and keep you in a great mood.

3. Personal Development

This is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. This is not only productive but also a great career moves in the path of your choice.

Management Skills

Management SkillsAs a young student who is being prepared into adulthood, there are some skills that will not be learnt in the classroom. No teacher will teach you how to save and manage your finances or even how to invest. This skill will help you manoeuvre through life with fewer worries. Managing your money especially at a young age is a great skill that you can easily learn through online websites during your summer vacation.

Learn from Failure and Rise Up

In life, failure is a must. You may have had difficulties in your previous semester are still weighing you down and making you stressed. This summer vacation is the time to reflect and assess your goals. Embrace your failures and come up with a work plan on how to do better and be better. Instead of being worried about failing, embrace them, and use them as stepping stones for your success. If you concentrate on not failing, you might miss out on the success train.

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4. Earn Extra Money

Get Creative

earn extra moneyUse your hobbies to earn you some extra cash. Are you good at taking pictures? Why don’t you offer to be a photographer for your friend and family events? Once they see your good work, they will definitely recommend you to their friends. This is how your customer base grows and without knowing it, you may no longer need an allowance from your parents. You kill two birds with one stone. You get to do what you love doing while earning money from it, as well as make your parents proud. This is a win-win situation.

Sell Your Unused Stuff

Everyone has things that they never use or stopped using but are still lying in their storage rooms. Now that you have all this free time, why don’t you de-clutter your room and sort out all the stuff you don’t use such as clothes, shoes and old books? You can sell them and earn some extra cash.

5. Volunteer

volunteerIt is always good to give back to the community. It’s only when you experience what other people who are less privileged than you go through, that you will be in a position to appreciate life even more and see it from a different perspective.

Volunteer at a Retirement Home

Make a point of visiting a retirement home and spend time with the elderly. Chat with them, sing, or even do a presentation for them. They will appreciate that you took time to visit them and entertain them. You will also learn a lot because it is good to have a view of the world in the eyes of someone else who has lived longer than you and has some wisdom to share.

Read for the Blind and Dyslexia

Depending on your area of expertise, you can always offer to record audios of textbooks for the blind and dyslexia. Such organizations are always in need of volunteers especially in areas of science and mathematics. Doing such an activity is humane and helps the disabled to also read and add up to their knowledge.


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