chemistry 12th class cbse notes

Helium is used:

  • Gas cooled Nuclear reactors
  • In filling balloons for meteorological observations.
  • In the oxygen mixture of deep sea divers
  • In inflating aeroplane tyres
  • Used to provide an inert atmosphere in melting and welding of easily oxidizable metals.

Neon is used:

  • In discharge tubes and fluorescent bulbs used for advertising purposes
  • In beacon lights for the safety of air navigators as the light can easily pass through the fog for a clear view.

Argon is used:

  • To provide an inert atmosphere in high-temperature metallurgical processes (arc welding of metals or alloys)
  • For filling electric bulbs.
  • In the laboratory for handling substances that are air-sensitive.
  • Xenon and Krypton are also used in light bulbs.

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