11th Chemistry NCERT notes

It is used in the preparation of other deuterium compounds.

Heavy Water

Uses of D2O:

  • It is used as moderator in nuclear reactors.
  • It is used in the exchange reaction study of reaction mechanisms.

Hydrogen as a Fuel

Hydrogen Economy:

The basic principle of hydrogen economy is the transportation and storage of energy in the form of liquid or gaseous dihydrogen. Advantage is that energy is transmitted in the form of dihydrogen and not as electric power.

Advantage as a fuel:

  • It is used as fuel cells for the generation of electric power.
  • One major advantage of combustion of hydrogen is that it produces very little pollution and there is not any emission of unbent carbon particles in the form of smoke.
  • It is evident from the study that dihydrogen in the gaseous state as well as in liquefied form releases more energy on combustion as compared to the other fuel commonly used.
  • 5% of dihydrogen is mixed in CNG for use in four-wheeler vehicles.



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