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11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Strategies to Control Environmental Pollution

Waste management i.e., reduction of the waste and proper disposal, also recycling of material and energy. Waste management: Separate the waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste: Biodegradable...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Water Pollution

Presence of undesirable materials in water which is harmful for the human beings and plants is known as water pollution. Normal properties of the...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Stratospheric Pollution

Stratosphere: Above the troposphere, between 10 and 50 km above sea level lies stratosphere. Ozone layer is one of the important constituents of stratosphere. The...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Particulate Pollutants

Viable Particulates: They are minute living organisms that are dispersed in the atmosphere. (e.g., bacteria, fungi, moulds, algae, etc.) Non- Viable Particulates Smoke: It is the...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Gaseous Air Pollutants

Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect About 75% of the solar energy reaching the earth is absorbed by the earth’s surface, which increases it’s temperature. The...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Environmental Chemistry: Introduction

Environmental chemistry plays a major role in environment. Chemical species present in the environment are either naturally occurring or generated by human activities. Environmental pollution...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

These hydrocarbons are also known as ‘arenes’. Since most of them possess pleasant odour (Greek; aroma meaning pleasant smelling), the class of compounds...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes


Unsaturated hydrocarbon which have triple bond. General molecular formular CnH2n-2 sp hybridization Shown chain, positional and functional isomerism Nomenclature of alkynes IUPAC System: The IUPAC...
11th Chemistry NCERT notes


Alkenes are characterized by the presence of a double bond between two carbon atoms. Alkenes have the general formula CnH2n. C-C bond hybridization...